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Trail Blazers Training Camp Week 1 Highlights

The Fanalyst Edition of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast airs this weekend, as Tara and Jo talk training camp in Portland, NBA uniform sponsors, effective screen-setting & more!

Portland Trail Blazers v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Jo and Tara catch up on highlights from Media Day and the first week of training camp. What did Damian Lillard say that caught our attention? What will “back-up point guard” look like as played by Evan Turner? And who are some possible candidates for the first-ever sponsor patches coming to NBA uniforms in 2017-18? Join us for all this and a closer look at what makes a well-set screen?

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2:00 In defense of Media Day

4:15 Shout out to David MacKay for his awesome coverage of Media Day and Training Camp!

5:20 Damian Lillard: ready to “put in plays and manipulate coverage” and why we are so excited about that.

10:45 Ed Davis: puttin’ on pounds. Does anyone else think Damian is looking a little more muscular in the shoulders?

13:00 Moe Harkless is looking at the rim instead of the ball when he shoots. What does the rest of the NBA do?

16:00 Mason Plumlee: mid-range jump shot and rookie extension

18:00 What is Festus Ezeli’s role on this team?

20:00 Evan Turner playing point guard

23:10 Our best guesses for the starting lineup on opening night of the regular season

28:00 The NBA is introducing sponsorship patches on the uniforms in 2017-18. What companies might be good candidates for the Trail Blazer’s uniforms?

33:20 Basketball, tech companies, and the NBA Hackathon

38:30 Screen talk. What does a good screen look like?


Watching the Rim or the Ball: Where do you look when the ball leaves your hands?

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Sponsor patches on jerseys

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