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Damian Lillard Slips In Second Round Of All-Star Voting

Despite putting up career numbers, Lillard barely registers at the bottom of the All-Star voting polls.

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Damian Lillard ranks 10th among Western Conference guards in the second round of All-Star voting—two spots lower than he ranked in the first round on December 25. Among listed guards in the West, Lillard is fourth in points per game (24.2) and fourth in assists per game (6.8). However; having missed two weeks with plantar fasciitis, starting just before the first tally, it makes sense that he would be out of sight and out of mind for many voters.

2016 All-Star Voting 2nd Round

Yet to crest 100,000 votes, it seems increasingly likely that the small market Lillard will have to rely on coaches’ decision to make the team once again, but was that at all unexpected? Do not put too much stock into these numbers. Do not be discouraged from voting for Lillard either, as it is a nice sentiment. To do so, visit or tweet #NBAVote with his full name (Damian Lillard) and/or twitter handle (@Dame_Lillard), like so:

You can vote up to 10 times a day, so feel free to keep pumping in votes and see what happens.


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