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Chris Paul Donates Computer Equipment To Portland Elementary School

Blazer's Edge speaks with Chris Paul as he inspires the children of Alder Elementary school to learn.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

All-Star point guard Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers paid a special visit to Alder Elementary School in Northeast Portland on Wednesday morning. The Chris Paul Family Foundation teamed up with State Farm and Jordan Brand to donate state of the art computer equipment as part of his Exist to Assist community program. Paul took time to address the students at their morning assembly and show a few of them around their new computers in the lab.

"One of the things I told some of the kids is to take care of the equipment and use it for good." Paul said. "There are a lot of informational games on there, as far as trying to learn more about the states or more about their numbers and different things like that, so I just want them to use it."

It is important that these kids to have the opportunity to learn on the new equipment so they do not miss this generation’s technological wave. Paul was excited to give them a leg up, but places the onus on community members to continue what he started and guide the children as they master the future.

"A lot of times as kids, all you know is what the adults show and tell you. So for the community, you basically just have to come together and show the kids, because some of these kids here, their parents or adults may also not know how to use the technology and different things like that, so as much as they can get in here and learn how to use the computers and all the technology, I think it will help."

Principal of Alder Elementary, Rob Stewart, appreciates Paul’s efforts in inspiring his students and bolstering their sense of self worth.

"When I first mentioned his name weeks ago about this possibility, half the kids knew Chris Paul, knew his career, knew who he was and who he played for." Stewart said. "For someone of that level of notoriety to acknowledge them with a donation and coming and actually talking to them just makes them feel acknowledged for who they are. It means a lot."

Paul’s foundation has made similar donations in the cities of Chicago and Los Angeles, and in his home state of North Carolina. Oregon was selected for this assist because it is home to Nike and the Jordan Brand. Continuing to make donations on a national scale is quite literally going the extra mile. Thank you, Chris.

Paul and the Clippers take on the Portland Trail Blazers tonight at 7:00 p.m. PST. The game will be televised locally on KGW.


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