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Simmons' 3-Way Trade: McCollum, Love, and Griffin. Who says no?

Should the Blazers offer CJ McCollum for Blake Griffin?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

What do Karate Kid, Miami Vice, and C.J. McCollum trade ideas all have in common? Bill Simmons won't let them die. Regardless of how much unwarranted attention they receive.

For the second time in a week, Simmons has suggested on his HBO podcast that the Blazers trade McCollum for an elite team's embroiled power forward. On today's podcast, he proposed a three-way trade that would send McCollum to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Love to the Los Angeles Clippers, and Blake Griffin to the Blazers. Skip to about the 25:45 mark to catch this totally unsourced analysis:

I suggested Kevin Love for McCollum. And of course everyone in Portland, because they're the soccer moms, had a week long conversation... some people were mad at me, some people thought it was a good idea. Now Blake Griffin in a whole thing; why isn't that a 3-team trade? Kevin Love to the Clippers. Blake Griffin and his injured hand to Portland, so now they get to tank because Blake Griffin can't play anymore, and then CJ McCollum to the Cavs. The Cavs save $20 million in salary and $50 million in luxury tax and get somebody who is probably a better fit for them... Portland gets Blake, although they might have to throw a little extra in to that trade because it's hard to imagine someone could get Blake Griffin for CJ McCollum, so maybe they have to throw in a pick to someone. That's the framework of something.

Griffin, who was drafted while Neil Olshey was the Clippers Assistant GM in 2009, is expected to miss the next 4-6 weeks with a broken bone in his shooting hand. He fractured the hand when he punched a Clippers' assistant equipment manager in the face at a restaurant in Toronto last weekend.

Last Sunday Blazer's Edge Managing Editor Dave Deckard effectively put the kibosh on the Love for McCollum idea, but does McCollum for Griffin sound more appealing? Or, in Simmons' own parlance: Who says no, Blazers fans - Neil Olshey or Doc Rivers?

Fortunately for Simmons, even if Blazers fans don't like this trade idea he'll have several more chances to improve it. The NBA trade deadline is set for Feb. 18 and HBO releases Simmons' podcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So fans can expect as many as eight more suggestions for dealing McCollum.


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