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Blazer's Edge Looking for News, Video Staff

Opportunities to work with one of the best teams covering sports today.

Blazer's Edge has 3-4 specific staff openings to fill. If you want to become part of a dynamic, professional-quality sports reporting team, read the following and send an e-mail to me personally at

We're looking for potential additions to our news reporting team. This is not a general writing position; you'll need a journalism background. It's an ideal spot for J-School students who want real-world experience. You'll be finding, summarizing, and commenting on Portland Trail Blazers news items and columns. You'll be involved in discussions about what constitutes a news story, how to present stories fairly and succinctly, and how to develop ongoing breaking news events into informative, accurate narratives.

We're also looking for people with online video experience. If you're a highlight reel guru, we may be able to make use of your services.

As with all positions at Blazer's Edge you'll be functioning as part of a team. We keep responsibilities manageable, preserving your passion and energy. We do ask that you be committed to working within that team structure and take pride in presenting amazing Trail Blazers coverage to our reader base. Opportunities for advancement come rapidly for those who show dedication and talent.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge