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How do Fans Influence the Game?

Tara and Jo return to the weekend edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast to discuss the nuances of fanhood, compare and contrast expectations, break down the recent individual play of a handful of Trail Blazers and much more!

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If you stay, you won't be sorry
-David Bowie

Tara and Jo here, bringing you more confessions and more opinions about our beloved Trail Blazers. We put aside the analytics this weekend and talk about being fans. What makes us fans? How do fans influence the game? Is Team Mom too soft on the boys?

We commemorate the halfway point of the season by revisiting Jo's favorite game and comparing Tara's October expectations to the current state of the team.

Find out which one of us is sad about David Bowie, happy about Lillard's defense, not impressed by the Utah game, and annoyed by Golden State fans. Hear why we are unsure about Meyers, down on tanking and up on Aminu. We are also not impressed by the Utah game, divided on the impact of the Clerical Error, and all on board the Dame Train.

This week's quiz is about when the Blazer's played against each other in college. Check out Comcast Sports NW's videos in which Dan Sheldon (Do College Rivalries on Blazers Hold Water) and Brooke Olzendam (Young Guns: Blazer's Have Any Bad Blood?) talk to the players about college rivalries. You can also find a summary of When Current Blazers Went Head-to-Head in College written by Team Mom for Blazer's Edge. Do you know which current Blazer played the most games against his future teammates?

Join us, you won't be sorry!

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