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The CJ McCollum Show Episodes 7 and 8 On Rip City Mornings

McCollum joins Bunker and Danforth to discuss the clerical error, All-Star voting, and more.

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Every Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. PST, Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum joins Andy Bunker and Taylor Danforth for Rip City Mornings on Rip City Radio 620 AM. After missing last week's episode of The CJ McCollum Show, we have a double feature for you today. Check out episodes 7 and 8 below and follow the Rip City Mornings SoundCloud account for future episodes. Remember, you can also listen live!

Time Stamps & Topics

  • 1:20 The clerical error debacle
  • 4:34 Taking a jab at Doc Rivers
  • 5:25 Adjusting to the return of Damian Lillard
  • 6:21 All-Star consideration
  • 7:43 Preparing for the Golden State Warriors
  • 9:30 NFL playoff games
  • 12:02 Johnny Manziel
  • 15:30 Cleveland Browns coaching staff turnover
  • 16:59 How to Make a Murderer
  • 18:25 Buying lottery tickets
  • 19:52 Seattle Seahawks vs. Cleveland Browns bet results
  • 21:50 JAMN 107.5

Time Stamps & Topics
  • 1:52 The halfway point
  • 2:32 Favorite NBA city to visit
  • 3:53 Assessing the first half of the season
  • 4:49 Checking the standings
  • 5:53 Fans who want the Blazers to miss the playoffs
  • 6:51 The NBA All-Star voting system
  • 9:14 Liking Canzano’s trade article on Twitter
  • 10:36 Being motivated by criticism
  • 12:15 Cam Newton
  • 14:48 Cam Newton vs. Russell Wilson
  • 16:24 Cleveland Browns


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