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Damian Lillard And Brandon Roy Talk Face-To-Face At Les Schwab invitational

Lillard and Roy catch up at 2015 LSI and discuss what it is like to be embraced by the city of Portland.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

All-star point gaurd Damian Lillard and one of the most beloved Blazers of all time, Brandon Roy, caught up at Portland's annual high school basketball Les Schwab Invitational. The duo have been in touch since Lillard was drafted by the Blazers in 2012 and looked back at what might have been, tugging at the heart strings of Blazers fans everywhere.

Statement from Lillard per Blazers beat writer Casey Holdahl:

"I've been in contact with him since I got drafted here, we would have conversations all the time," said Lillard. "We ended up in the same place at the same time, he came and said what's up. I got out my seat and we just moved to a different spot, talked for about 20, 25 minutes. Most of it was about him just being in a similar situation as me before, you know, with a team that's rebuilding, him having a lot of responsibility. We talked about ‘Man it would have been crazy if I would have gotten to play with you' and he said the same."

Most importantly, Lillard reports that Roy is doing very well after retiring officially following the 2012-13 season.

"We laughed, we talked about stuff outside of basketball," said Lillard. "I think he's fine. He seems involved with youth sports, sounds like he wants to help out. He told me he would come to my camps and be a part of it and stuff like that. He seemed good, like really good. I met his son, took a picture with his son and it was pretty cool to just have that interaction with him for that time."

Read Holdahl's report on the interaction, including a few more quotes from Lillard, here.


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