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NBA Updates Instant Replay Rules

Officials located in the NBA Replay Center in beautiful Seacaucus, NJ will make calls on certain plays

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

NBA replay review officials got sharper teeth today as the NBA announced some changes to how officials use video reviews on certain plays:

NBA officials located at the NBA's Instant Replay Center in gorgeous Seacaucus, NJ will review certain plays, including goaltending calls, rather than having the replay center control the video for the on-court officials to review.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Blazers fans may remember the infamous 2012 goaltending call against LaMarcus Aldridge that (probably) decided a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder: Aldridge appeared to have cleanly blocked Kevin Durant in the game's waning seconds, but the play was ruled a goaltend, allowing the Thunder to tie the game and send it to overtime where they eventually won. While the NBA ruled the play a clean block with the benefit of instant replay the following day, there was no rule at the time that allowed officials to review a goaltending call during the game.

Goaltending calls became reviewable the following season.

Video of the play for your amusement and/or teeth-gnashing: