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Should the Trail Blazers Consider a Logo Change?

Media buzz is murky, but the Trail Blazers might be looking to change their logo. Should they?

Yesterday, Zach Lowe of Grantland posted a comprehensive ranking of all 30 NBA teams' logos. The Portland Trail Blazers ranked 7th, and Lowe had this to say about the iconic pinwheel, among other things:

"This should be higher than no. 7, but the current pinwheel is drowning in a black mass. Set that baby free, Portland. Let it fly and spin. Some folks prefer the old straight up-and-down version, but the slanted edition gets at the sport’s fast pace." - Zach Lowe

It's the "drowning in a black mass" part that caught the attention of Blazers beat reporter Casey Holdahl, who replied to Lowe's post on Twitter:

It even looks at though Lowe had sources claiming the Blazers are at least considering looking at other logos, but was unable to confirm those claims quickly enough to be published.

What do you think? Should the Blazers tweak their beloved pinwheel? Abandon it altogether? Or just leave it alone?

Hat tip to Blazer's Edge users JP503 and ThankYouBasedGuard for getting there first in the FanShots.