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Portland Trail Blazers Release Summer League Roster

Young guards, returning big men, Keith Bogans and Arnett Moultrie highlight the squad.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers have announced their Summer League, 2015 Roster.

SummerLeague Roster2

Instant Reaction:

One of these things is not like the others. We might be looking at you, Keith Bogans.

The Blazers aren't messing around with rookie bigs. Of the 6 players 6'9" or taller, 5 have NBA experience and the 6th is Marko Keselj who is 27 and has been playing at various levels professionally for 11 years.

Meyers Leonard, Noah Vonleh, Allen Crabbe, Tim Frazier, and Pat Connaughton are under contract (or soon will be in Connaughton's case). The names you want to underline there are Frazier and Crabbe. Frazier needs to look good in this environment, but Crabbe should look great. If Crabbe disappears, it's not a good sign.

As our reader Corvid points out in the comments below, you can click here to see a video of two of Portland's summer league participants going pro wrestling on each other.

From the Blazers' press release:

Highlighting the 16-man roster are new additions Noah Vonleh and Pat Connaughton, who will join returning Trail Blazers Meyers Leonard, Allen Crabbe and Tim Frazier in Las Vegas.

Tipping off against Boston on Saturday, July 11, the Trail Blazers will follow up their NBA Summer League opener with a game on Sunday, July 12 vs. Dallas, before closing out the preliminary round on Tuesday, July 14 vs. San Antonio. All three games will be played at COX Pavilion on the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus.

Following the three-game preliminary round, the NBA Summer League returns to a tournament format for the third consecutive year, with each team guaranteed a minimum of five games. The championship game will take place on Monday, July 20.

All Trail Blazers games will be broadcast live on Comcast SportsNet, and live or delayed on Rip City Radio 620 AM.