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NBA Free Agent News, Tuesday July 7th

Catching you up on the free agent news from around the league.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Here's all the free agent and trade news you may have missed today and over the weekend.

The Golden State Warriors have dealt David Lee to the Boston Celtics in exchange for former Blazer forward Gerald Wallace.

Aaron Brooks has re-signed with the Chicago Bulls on a short-term deal.

Mo Williams will head to Cleveland to get back together with LeBron James and play out his second stint as a Cavalier.

The Utah Jazz kept Joe Ingles, who will return with a two-year contract.

Leandro Barbosa will be aiding the Golden State Warriors in their quest to repeat as NBA Champions next season:

David West leaves the Indiana Pacers to join the San Antonio Spurs:

If you think Portland feels jilted because of LaMarcus Aldridge, imagine your forward turning down $12 million from you to work for just over $1 million for someone else. Ouch.

In "People Who Actually Want to Stay With Their Team" news, Marc Gasol and the Memphis Grizzlies have arrived at terms:

Reggie Jackson is staying with the Pistons in a deal raising eyebrows around the league because nobody else was bidding for him.

Manu Ginobili takes to Twitter to announce his own news:

J.J. Barea comes back to Dallas.

Minnesota tries to edge closer to that coveted Northwest Division Crown:

Brandon Bass becomes the one player who actually listened to the Los Angeles Lakers' pitch.

Ooops! Sorry, Lakers. Didn't mean to slight you. Lou Williams too.

(Woulda rather had Ed Davis than both of them. Just sayin'.)

Kyle O'Quinn goes to the Knicks. Golf clap.

Bismack Biyombo is taking his talents to whatever geographical feature typifies Toronto.

And the big trade of the weekend...the Lakers are getting Roy Hibbert. Nothing could go wrong there...

More as stories develop.