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Report: Damian Lillard - LaMarcus Aldridge Get Together Didn't Happen

Planned trip never happened, but they did speak by phone.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders tweets that the planned trip for Damian Lillard to visit free agent LaMarcus Aldridge in Los Angeles to convince him to stay with the Portland Trail Blazers never came off.

Update: We've had some questions about whether Lillard could have flown to Los Angeles but not visited Aldridge in person. The wording of the tweet allows for that possibility so we're editing the headlines accordingly.

That said, if Damian flew to L.A. and then couldn't get a face-to-face sit down with Aldridge, the implications there are almost worse.

Update: Jabari J Young closes the loop.

And then, of course, Jason Quick closes it the other way when asked.

Quick just posted an article on the subject. It says Lillard called Aldridge, they both talked a lot, Lillard refused to make a sales can read it for yourself. The most salient quotes come at the end:

Lillard did not say whether he thought Aldridge was staying or going.

"I understand he has to make a decision for him,'' Lillard said. "And we have to respect that.''

Update: Adrian Wojnarowski of YahooSports adds this tweet to the general Aldridge conversation, significant mainly because the Blazers are absent. Woj has been pretty much the last media holdout consistently mentioning Portland in Aldridge's free agent plans.

And right on cue, here's CBSSports and Ken Berger with the obligatory hope reference.

It's like he looked over at Woj's plate and said, "Hey, you gonna eat that Blazers reference?" More:

Update: ESPN's Marc Stein says the meeting between Aldridge and the Spurs today went well.