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Portland Trail Blazers Earn "D's" in Free Agency

CBSSports reviews Portland's free agency moves. They're less than impressed.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Moore and Zach Harper of CBSSports ran down their list of free agency winners and losers in the Western Conference today. They loved the moves of the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, and Los Angeles Clippers. The Portland Trail Blazers didn't fare as well.

From Moore:

That moment when the party is well and truly "over" and there are beers and food plates strewn everywhere? That's the Blazers, wondering where everyone went. They made some value additions, trading for Gerald Henderson and Noah Vonleh, keeping Damian Lillard on a max extension, getting Ed Davis for cheap, but this is still looking like a lottery team. If the other teams get credit for keeping their most important players, hard not to dock the Blazers for losing four starters from a playoff team.

From Harper:

I think this is a situation that will eventually benefit the Blazers. They can rebuild quickly around Damian Lillard with a high draft pick and the young talent they've brought in this offseason. But we can't pretend losing 80 percent of their starting lineup this summer is anything other than a devastating turn of events for now.

Harper does point to Portland's potential upside down the road. Both commentators gave the Blazers a D, Moore bumping it to a "D+".