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Damian Lillard Releases First Single From Upcoming Rap Album

Damian Lillard released his first rap single Monday with a full album coming soon, while Mason Plumlee appeared in a video and rapped a verse with NY Rangers fan Will Roush.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Damian Lillard has a new teammate to spit rhymes with. While Lillard has been lauded for his rapping skill and hosting his weekly 4 Bar Friday social media rap competitions, few knew that newly-acquired teammate Mason Plumlee had any interest in the art.

This week, both teammates released new rap songs. Lillard will be releasing a full rap album soon, but in the meantime he dropped his first single, Soldier in the Game (below).

Lillard's single, with crisp enunciation under a slow aggressive beat, drops NBA names like Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook while contrasting his early struggles with his success now.

Plumlee's rap can probably be better described as an exercise in comedy. He collaborated with Will Roush, the New York Rangers fan whose comments about paying for an NHL playoff seat went viral. In their video "4500" (referencing how much Roush paid for the seat in question), Plumlee admits he can't rap while shooting bills from a money gun, dunking over Roush, and strutting around a rooftop deck.

All that Blazers fans can hope for is that Lillard and Plumlee convince the rest of the team to join them in a Blazers-only hip hop track, as anything that included Chris Kaman and Terry Stotts spitting verses would be an instant classic.