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Report: LaMarcus Aldridge Says No to Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

LaMarcus Aldridge will not be signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, and a lack of chemistry with Kobe Bryant is at the center of his reasoning, ESPN's Mike Bresnahan reports.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, free agent LaMarcus Aldridge has crossed the Los Angeles Lakers off of his list.

Despite reports from ESPN that Aldridge's Tuesday night meeting with the Lakers went "really well," Bresnahan tweeted earlier today that Aldridge will spurn the Lakers due to his dissatisfaction with the basketball aspect of team's presentation.

Los Angeles is a huge market and historically attractive destination for star players, but Aldridge was apparently hoping the Lakers could offer more on-court advantages. Bresnahan also reported that Kobe Bryant led some of the basketball-related discussions, but that when he spoke, he failed to deliver a message that resonated with Aldridge.

After these reports were released and the inevitable Twitter hysteria followed, Aldridge's representation agency, Wasserman Media Group, sent out a clear message in an attempt to debunk the circulating rumors.

TNT's David Aldridge confirms that Aldridge's camp is strongly denying the reports that he has already ruled the Lakers out.

Although Aldridge may not have officially informed the Lakers he won't be signing with them, it sounds like Aldridge wasn't too excited about the prospect of playing the Paul Gasol role and letting Bryant run the show.'s Matt Moore offers commentary about Bryant's recruiting struggles, as well as other factors that could have contributed to Aldridge's disenchantment with Los Angeles.

Kobe Bryant may not be hurting the Lakers in free agency, but he's not helping things. This is the third top free agent in three years to turn the Lakers down, after Dwight Howard left under the cloud of an infamous clash with Bryant, and then Carmelo Anthony spoke with Bryant, who he's friends with, and still decided to return to LA. Melo you can throw out because of the money and Phil Jackson. Fine. But it's clear that Bryant isn't acting as any sort of huge push here.

Aldridge and his team have reportedly met with the Lakers, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns, and still plan to meet with the New York Knicks. The Portland Trail Blazers' offers and position are reportedly already known to Aldridge.