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Jalen Rose: Wesley Matthews Will Sign With The Chicago Bulls

The former pro and current analyst picks the Chicago Bulls as Wesley Matthews' most likely destination in free agency.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN analyst Jalen Rose predicted that Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard Wesley Matthews will sign with the Bulls on Grantland's "Jalen and Jacoby" podcast last Wednesday.

When Matthews' name came up during the free-agent prediction portion of the podcast, Rose paused and appeared lost in deep contemplation for a few seconds before confidently stating "the Bulls," much to the surprise of co-host David Jacoby. Check out the segment here:

Around the 43:35 mark of the video, Rose also assesses the dynamics of a possible LaMarcus Aldridge-Tim Duncan pairing in San Antonio.

Does Rose's prediction about Matthews hold any merit? Could the Bulls truly stand out amidst the pack of Matthews' suitors? Or is Rose merely picking a team out of a hat?