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The LaMarcus Aldridge Free Agency Drinking Game

Pass the free agency period doing less fretting and more whistle-wetting.

The annual NBA Free Agency Period begins tonight at 9:00 Pacific, midnight Eastern. The most-talked about free agent in this year's crop is Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge. He's meeting with at least 7 other NBA franchises as the Blazers wait to see if he'll accept their invitation to return home. Meanwhile dozens of articles convey dozens of rumors, all trying to read the signs and see where he's headed.

If you're stressed out by this already, it's time to turn the churning energy of Aldridge speculation to good use with the Blazer's Edge LaMarcus Aldridge Drinking Game. The rules are easy. Pick whichever beverage you please (but it's a long free-agency period so you might want to have multiple choices on hand). Each time you hear or read a phrase listed on the chart, take the appropriate action.


Note: Blazer's Edge does not encourage or promote excess consumption of alcoholic beverages. Nobody's saying what drink is in those bottles. Please enjoy free agency responsibly.