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2015 NBA Draft Rumors and Chat

It's Draft Day! Stay here for the latest rumors about the Blazers, as well as the rest of the NBA.

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Welcome to the 2015 NBA Draft!

It's no secret that the festivities got started early in Blazer-land, with the unexpected trade of Nicolas Batum to Charlotte on Wednesday.

The Draft officially begins at 4:30pm on ESPN, and the Blazers own the 23rd pick. We'll have new chat threads during the day as needed, but you can always check the the top for the latest news around the league. Hang out here and discuss today's events in the comments, and have fun!

Blazers News and Rumors

10:45 am: Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated has reported that Portland is looking for an established big man in return for the 23rd pick in tonight's draft. Fischer also reported that the Trail Blazers have registered interest in prospect Kristaps Porzingis and are considering options to trade up in the draft to select him.

News From Around The League

2:22 pm: Cam Rose, an Grizzlies insider for AM 730 Yahoo! Sports, has reported that the New Orleans Pelicans have been in touch with the Memphis Grizzlies about a trade involving Eric Gordon and Jeff Green. However, barring confirmation about the rumor from a national source, it may be best to take this with a grain of salt.

1:00 pm: Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders has reported that the Boston Celtics would like to move to the late-lottery to draft their target, who may be Myles Turner.

12:45 pm: Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald has reported that the Charlotte Hornets will not send the ninth pick in the draft to the Boston Celtics. TNT's David Aldridge also reported that the Sacramento Kings are not interested in Boston's offers to move up to the sixth pick.

12:00 pm: ESPN's Andy Katz has reported that many teams believe the Indiana Pacers will select Cameron Payne with the 11th pick in the draft.

11:55 am: Marc Stein of ESPN has reported that the Boston Celtics are willing to trade Marcus Smart if it gets them a high pick in the lottery.

11:30 am: Ken Berger of CBS Sports has reported that the Charlotte Hornets are targeting prospect Devin Booker with the ninth pick in the draft.

11:10 am: Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated has reported that the Golden State Warriors' main priority today is to move up in the draft rather than trade David Lee.

11:00 am: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has reported that the New York Knicks and searching for deals to move down in the draft order from their fourth pick.

10:45 am: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has reported that the Charlotte Hornets have acquired Jeremy Lamb from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Luke Ridnour and a second round pick in next summer's draft.

Wed: Kevin Love opts out of his contract with Cleveland, who will likely attempted to re-sign him to a long term contract. He plans to talk to other teams as well.

Wed: Monta Ellis opts out of his contract with Dallas, who does not plan to pursue him further.

Last Night's News, In Case You Missed It

10:30 am: Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press has reported that the Detroit Pistons put together an offer for Nicolas Batum that may have included the eighth pick in today's draft.

1:00 am: ESPN's Marc Stein and Chris Broussard report that LaMarcus Aldridge is not expected to re-sign with Portland ("99.9 percent chance", with his top two choices being the Spurs and Lakers.

Wed, 6:00 pm: Blazers Traded Nicolas Batum to Charlotte for Gerald Henderson and Noah Vonleh.


For the very latest updates, check below in the comments, where our intrepid readers will discuss the late-breaking news from around the net. And be ready at 4:30pm for the draft!