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2015 Blazer's Edge NBA Draft Bingo

Make learning about the NBA Draft fun for the entire family with 2015 NBA Bingo, presented by Blazer's Edge.

Download (PDF): 2015 Blazer's Edge 2015 NBA Draft Bingo

When I asked Google "How does the NBA draft work?" the first two results were

  • A page created by the Hornets for the 2007 NBA draft (they traded their number 8 pick, Brandan Wright, to Golden State)
  • A PDF document created by the Grizzlies for the 2007 Draft Lottery (they got the number 4 spot and selected Mike Conley Jr.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the weirdness and unpredictability of the NBA draft. Its almost like the don't want you to "get it". How does the NBA draft work? Who is this Chad Ford person? (Check out this 2009 article about Chad Ford's multidimensional career. Seriously.) So many questions and so little capacity to remember it all.

Well I did persevere and find some helpful information buried lower in the google search results such as the NBA Draft on Wikipedia or the Grantland Mini-primer on the 2015 Draft.

But say, for instance, you are trying to get your husband or girlfriend or children interested in the NBA and you want to start by watching the draft together. You could send them the list of draft prospects, give them the first and second round draft order, and send them the projected success for the 2015 draft class. That ought to get them into it, right?

I consider every one of my friends a Blazer-fan-waiting-to-happen, so I try not to drown them in stats and projections. Taking a more "make learning fun" kind of approach, why not play a game that will be fun for all your friends and loved ones, whether they've done the homework or not?

Gather round, friends and family, here is a game everyone will enjoy!

Get to know the players on your card and follow along with the draft. Maybe Vince Hunter out of UTEP will be your new hero because he gave you the winning edge! Maybe Bobby Portis is the player that brings it all together for you. See, already you're just as invested in this Draft as the Lakers.

Rules Option #1: Each card is different. Each person gets a card. As players are selected, cross off the ones that appear on your card. First one to get a full line--horizontal, vertical, or diagonal--is the 2015 NBA Draft Bingo Champion. Boast about it, share it on Twitter, Snapchat your winning board to all your kids. Celebrate!

Rules Option #2 (Blazers-Centered Shuffleboard): Print off any one card. Each player takes a handful of coins, breakfast cereal puffs, board-game pieces, or whatever. Taking turns, each player flips, rolls, or drops (from a height) one piece on the board, claiming the space where it lands. Continue until all spaces are distributed. Whomever has the space containing the player the Trail Blazers actually draft is the winner. The central logo represents all players not on the card. Important: Whomever owns the space of the player the Houston Rockets select automatically loses and is kicked out of the house.


Download (PDF): 2015 Blazer's Edge 2015 NBA Draft Bingo

Now go enjoy the game and make sure everyone gets a turn!

xoxo Team Mom