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What Will the Portland Trail Blazers Do in the 2015 NBA Draft?

Portland holds the 23rd pick, Here's advice on how to use it.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 NBA Draft just two weeks away, it's time for the official Blazer's Edge "Up, In, Out, or Down" thread. We want to know what you think the Portland Trail Blazers should do with the 23rd pick: use it or trade it in some fashion.

Here are the choices:

Move Up: Is anyone whom the Blazers could reasonably acquire worth trading up for? Let's not get silly here. Anybody can speculate on a dream deal. The names I've heard bandied about most in connection with Portland trades are CJ McCollum and Nicolas Batum. If you want the Blazers to move up more than a couple spots, assume one of those two plus Portland's 23rd pick will be the price, at minimum. For whom, if anyone, would you pay it?

Move Down: Moving the other direction isn't quite as hard. A lower first-round pick plus a decent second-rounder would be the average return. A couple of good second-rounders would also work. Since 23 isn't that high of a slot to begin with, would you consider this option? Which players would make you change your mind if they were still available at #23?

Move Out: Would you prefer the Blazers to trade the pick, perhaps with a current player or two, to get veteran help? If so, what kind of help would you be looking for?

Just Use It: Assuming Portland executes the pick for themselves, which player or players would make you happy?

What are your favored options? What do you think the Blazers will actually do? Chime in below.