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What Memory Will You Take Away From This Season?

Vote and discuss on what you think what the Blazers' 2014-15 season will be remembered for.

Craig Mitchelldyer, Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Memory is a notoriously fickle and slippery thing.  In some cases it can be hard to say what allows us to remember some things and not others.  Events that seem so vital and interesting at the time often retreat out of our reach as time marches on.  Sometimes our memories can be coerced to show themselves when prompted by someone else; sometimes they are forever gone, vanished into the ether of history.  However, some memories are indelible, coded into our brain forever.  The ones we do hold onto tend to get sweeter or less bitter, depending on how they tasted to begin with.

Ask yourself: when you think back about previous seasons, what comes most immediately to mind?  Individual games, milestones, end of season results?

Do you remember the game in Wesley Matthews' first season on the club when he rained fire from deep against the Timberwolves, hitting a team-record 7 threes in the first half on his way to a still career-high 36 for the game?  Perhaps this memory gains gravitas now that he is the team's all-time leading three point shooter, suggesting yet further prisms that we can view memories through.

Do you remember the 13 game winning streak in 2007 that vaulted the Blazers back into playoff consideration?  Or is that lost in the middling .500 record the team finished with?  It makes you wonder if we will remember that the Blazers were the #2 seed in the West when LaMarcus Aldridge tore his thumb ligament this year, prompting his decision to play on which seemed so momentous at the time.

Does anyone remember Damon Stoudamire scoring a franchise record 54 points in a game?  It's possible that no one even saw it happen, since it was during the 55 loss 2004-05 season.  Let us pray that history does not treat C.J. McCollum's career high 33 points in Game 5 the same way.

So you've just seen our season review of events.  If you had to put just one story in a time capsule so future generations of Blazermaniacs could understand the essence of the 2014-15 season, what would it be?