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2015 NBA Playoffs Open Chat

Some fresh teams are on the verge of making a Finals run!

Not pictured: Sniper.
Not pictured: Sniper.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, here's an open chat thread for the 2015 NBA Playoffs. Consider this an ongoing post, we'll replace it regularly as needed. Chat, hang out, whatever. Just have some fun. Pics are fine (just don't overdo it?).

Monday (Game 4's):

Atlanta at Washington (2-1 WAS) | 4:00 PM | TNT
Golden State at Memphis (2-1 MEM) | 6:30 PM | TNT

Tuesday (Game 5's):

Chicago at Cleveland (Tied 2-2) | 4:00 PM | TNT
Los Angeles at Houston (3-1 LAC) | 6:30 PM | TNT

All TNT games can be seen online at WatchTNT if you have access.