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Wesley Matthews to Have Boot Removed on Tuesday

Portland's shooting guard continues on the road to recovery.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Tokito of the Oregonian has a nice write-up about Wesley Matthews' appearance as a guest analyst on NBA-TV over the weekend. Among the other knowledge bombs Matthews dropped, he acknowledged that his corrective walking boot is coming off tomorrow, ahead of schedule.

"Coming off on Tuesday, that's the plan," he said. "It's ahead of schedule, and I'm excited for that, definitely."

Matthews injured his Achilles tendon in a March 5th game versus the Dallas Mavericks and did not return to the court. Prognosis for recovery runs from 6-8 months.

As Tokito details, Matthews also talked about basketball, including the difficulty of guarding Golden State's backcourt and the joy of screening opponents while delivering clandestine hits:

"One of my favorite things to do is screen," he said. "I like to get LA open. We have a play where LA and Dame get into a pick-and-roll, and if I get a chance to hit that big, I'm going to (the panel laughs heartily), because he's going to do it to me."

This is why Blazers fans love the guy.