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Video Proof: Refs Do Make Mistakes in Portland's Favor

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Refs blow a call in a Portland game and this time it works in favor of the Blazers.

Fans complaining about referees is a cottage industry in the NBA. Seeing calls the officials missed to favor your opponents is easy. Multiply by two teams and you have a litany of message-board complaints after every game.

As the Portland Trail Blazers faced the Brooklyn Nets tonight, fans probably noticed Brook Lopez smacking his brother Robin on the arm during a dunk attempt or Deron Williams traveling on his way to the lane. To balance out the evening, here's video of 20-year veteran Bennie Adams giving the Blazers a free point by missing a call just about as badly as it can be missed.

Note Damian Lillard's position on the floor as he takes this shot. Notice Adams' arms afterwards. He's official #47 at the bottom of the frame.

As it turned out, the Nets broadcast crew noticed as well, replaying the action later. As they note, the statute of limitations had expired on the call and the points stayed on the board.

So there you go. Next time you see a call go against Portland and are tempted to join in the chorus, remember it happens the other way too...occasionally.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge