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Meyers Leonard Ranks Among the Best Shooters in the NBA

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A look at the excellent season shooting statistics of the Trail Blazer forward

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Spencer Lund at Dime has compiled some shooting statistics on Meyers Leonard and they compare favorably to Kyle Korver and Stephen Curry.  Wow!

Now some of you who are statistically minded will probably find something in these numbers to take issue with, but Leonard did connect on 42% of his three pointers this season and he ended up with a 14.8 PER and his true shooting percentage was 63.1% which would have put him just behind Kevin Durant and ahead of Rudy Gobert.

Lund takes his stats from this table:

Of course there's the little problem of Leonard only appearing in 55 games and averaging a couple of three-pointers per game. That's not enough attempts when added to his two-pointers to qualify for basketball-reference's rankings (500 true shooting attempts).  Then there's the issue of whether the CSR method is the best way to rank shooters.  But, it turns out that no less than the guru of PER, John Hollinger, wrote an article in 2010 discussing the best shooters ever where he employed the CSR.

Lund suggests that next year Leonard may actually gain enough attempts to qualify for the rankings.  I think most Portland fans would be OK with that.