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Portland Trail Blazers vs. Memphis Grizzlies Game 4 Officiating Report

The NBA says Damian Lillard shouldn't have gotten a four-point-play opportunity,

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA has released its "Last Two Minute Report" for Game 4 of the Portland Trail Blazers vs. Memphis Grizzlies series.

One of the notable conclusions is that Damian Lillard's four-point-play that put the Blazers ahead with 1:58 remaining in the game should have been a three. From the report:

Allen (MEM) makes "high five" contact with Lillard (POR) after the release of his jump shot and the contact has no affect [sic] on the shot.

Here's video of the play:

The league didn't agree with the official call when Jeff Green and Nicolas Batum tangled up under the backboard when going for a rebound with 28 seconds left. Batum grabbed Green's arm and pinned it, making it look like Green was going over Batum's shoulder for the rebound. According to the league this "affects [Green's] ability to retrieve the rebound".