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Arron Afflalo Injury Update

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Portland Shooting Guard out 1-2 weeks.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard Arron Afflalo suffered an arm injury during the Blazers' 116-105 loss to the Golden State Warriors last night. The latest update on Afflalo's condition has just come in:

An absence of 1 week would keep Afflalo out of Portland's final 3 regular-season games. A 2-week absence would also cut out the first 2-3 games of the playoffs.

Afflalo has averaged 10.6 ppg in 30.1 minutes in his 25 appearances for the Trail Blazers. Though originally acquired as a bench player, Afflalo has started 19 of those 25 games due to Wesley Matthews' season-ending Achilles injury.