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Video: Dorell Wright Breaks Hand

The Blazers got more bad news piled on top of their loss to the Clippers tonight.

The Portland Trail Blazers PR Department has tweeted that forward Dorell Wright broke his hand during tonight's 126-122 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers

Here is the video of the play in which it happened. Note Wright holding his hand after.

Wright will join shooting guard Wesley Matthews on the injured list as the Blazers approach the playoffs. He's averaging 4.5 points in 12 minutes with a 39% three-point shooting percentage this year but his playing time and production had increased dramatically over Portland's last half-dozen games.

Here is the play in slow motion. He seems to get his hand caught with DeAndre Jordan, and winces as soon as he pulls away. (Click here to view the clip at YouTube in high definition)

Since the injury is to his non-shooting hand, Wright hopes to play through the injury, but is waiting for further information from the doctors:

As of Thursday afternoon, the Blazers have not provided any updates. We'll keep you updated as the story develops.