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Impact of Wesley Matthews Injury

A quick look around the internet concerning the impact of the Wesley Matthews injury of his Achilles tendon both for himself and the Blazer team.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mike Prada of has a short video breakdown that quickly illustrates the value of Portland Trail Blazer Wesley Matthews and what will be missed.

The Blazers are running one of their most common sets out of the Flow offense. As one wing slices up to the top of the key, the other is supposed to loop from the opposite baseline to the left wing. That same player then dumps the ball into LaMarcus Aldridge, who goes to work on his man.

Over at Ananth Pandian has another short video of analysis by Zach Harper that echos the impact of Matthew's injury for the Blazers and himself. Also Matthew's resent Instagram message which in part states:

I would be lying if I did not admit to having tears fall down my face this morning because I was hoping to just be waking up from a bad dream. I'm sorry this response took this long but none of it felt real, and to be honest, it still doesn't. My season is over and my will, my heart, my faith and my strength will now be tested, which is a challenge I welcome.

This will be the first step in that challenge.

Jesse Blancarte writing for Basketball Insiders has an article about moving forward without Matthews. Blancarte compares and contrasts both Matthews and Arron Afflalo's styles and also presented shot charts.

What is unclear at this point is to what extent Afflalo will adopt Matthews' role, or instead continue to play his usual game. Both players are good shooters, but their shooting habits have been very different this season.

Jabari Young at interviewed an NBA scout who when asked about Afflalo replacing Matthews noticed more similarities than differences.

"Afflalo used to be what Matthews is now," the scout told "I don't think he's quite where was when he was with Denver initially his first time around, but I think they're very similar. They're dogs on defense, they get in you, they make you feel uncomfortable, and then they go at you on the offensive end."

He also detailed some thoughts regarding Alonzo Gee.

Asked about the possibility of losing more spacing, the scout responded: "With Afflalo, not so much. I mean, if Alonzo is in the game, yes. But Alonzo is pretty athletic, too. He's going to be able to do some things at the rim that Matthews can't do, Afflalo can't do. So he'll get out on the break; obviously he's gone to run a lot harder on the break and finish at a more athletic level than those two can. That'll be an advantage."