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Video: Nicolas Batum Leads Trail Blazers to Overtime Win vs. Clippers

Watch Portland's smooth small forward pull his team out of the doldrums into victory mode.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers beat the Los Angeles Clippers in overtime tonight after a semi-horrific regulation outing. The task of pulling Portland's fat out of the fire in the final minutes of a game usually belongs to Damian Lillard, but Dame's 1-13 shooting performance indicated that the Blazers would need another hero if they wanted to emerge victorious. That's when this guy submitted his résumé.

2 free throws, 3 lob-pass assists, and a dagger three later, the Blazers had completed the 98-93 stunner. All came at the hands of Nicolas Batum, who scored or assisted on all of Portland's 11 points in the overtime period.

What a stellar performance.