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Adande: Portland Trail Blazers' Fans "Deserve Something Special"

The longevity and passion that embody the Portland Trail Blazers franchise and fan base is recognized by the players both past and present.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports's J.A. Adande writes a fine article for Blazer Fans everywhere. Just go and read this if it's a sunny day. Just go and read this if the clouds have passed in front of the sun. Just go read it if you are a Blazer fan, and then go and thank J.A. Adande.

"This city is pretty special when it comes to how they embrace the players that play here and continue here and making it their home," said former Blazers guard Terry Porter."They really embraced the guys on this team, to the point where they adopted us as sons. This has always had one of the best supporting fan bases in the league. They care about their players, they support them to the very end. Not only as players, but as guys start to retire here. You're still able to have an identity and fans still recognize and appreciate your body of work at the time when you had a Blazer uniform."

Hat tip to Darn you, darn you to heck! in FanShots.