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Damian Lillard to Graduate from Weber State

Trail Blazer guard will graduate at the end of April with a Bachelor of Science degree in technical sales

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Signpost, the Weber State University newspaper, is reporting that Lillard will add one more accolade to his already full resume of Big Sky Conference MVP, First Round draft pick, Rookie of the Year, and NBA All-Star.  He's been working off season for three years and will finally earn a BS degree in technical sales at the end of April.

"This was a lot of hard work for me, and I am excited that it has finally come to an end," Lillard said. "Growing up, this was one of the things I never really saw myself having an opportunity to achieve, and it's a small dream come true."

WSU Wildcat coach, Randy Rahe, said that this is just another reflection of Damian Lillard's character.  Rahe was personally involved in recruiting Lillard.

"I made a promise to Damian and his parents," Rahe said. "Being the special talent that he was, I let him know that we could help him achieve that here as a Wildcat, but it would require hard work and dedication on all parts from him. I let him and his parents know that it also meant that he would have to work hard enough to get his degree."

Lillard should receive his diploma on the 1st of May as long as there aren't any postseason conflicts.  Rahe is obviously very pleased with the young man out of Oakland, California, the young man that very few NCAA Division One schools wanted.

"I just want Damian to know how proud of him we are," Rahe said. "He has grown into amazing man, and we are so proud that he finished the goal he set. We wish him luck and know that he will have a bright and successful future."