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Video: LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum Go Down in Blazers-Grizzlies Game

Aldridge and Batum left the Blazers/Grizzles game at halftime due to injuries, and did not return.


Aldridge talks about his injury here, courtesy of

Batum describes his pain here:


LaMarcus Aldridge underwent an X-Ray, and the Blazers stated that it came back negative. Casey Holdahl talked to Aldridge, who said his left hand is swollen due to a hit from Tony Allen. Aldridge is unsure of his status for Tuesday's game against the Golden State Warriors.

Nicolas Batum said he landed awkwardly on his heels, and he told OregonLive's Joe Freeman that "severe pain shot up legs to his back". His status is unknown.

Both Aldridge and Batum talked to Holdahl after the game:


Portland Trail Blazers starting forwards LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum went down with injuries in tonight's game versus the Memphis Grizzlies.

Both players started and Aldridge scored 14 points in the first quarter. He appeared to re-aggravate his thumb injury in the second quarter while being guarded by Tony Allen. .

The video:

Batum may be suffering from back pain.

Neither player reported for the start of the second half.

We will bring you updates on these stories as they develop.