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Blazer's Edge Seeks Local Restaurant

Do you own or manage a Portland restaurant? Read on!

Clive Mason/Getty Images

In a couple weeks I'll be visiting Portland. Part of the festivities (which include 1151 kids going to the Phoenix-Portland game courtesy of Blazer's Edge Night) will be a staff meeting for us Blazer's Edge folks. I'd love to gather at a local establishment. I know a couple common chain restaurants that could accommodate us, but we've always been a grassroots community and I'd love to keep it in the family if we could.

If you own or manage a Portland restaurant that could fit a dozen or so people around a table on a Sunday afternoon and you're interested in hosting us, please e-mail me at  To be clear, we're not asking for a hometown discount, just a nice place to meet and talk while eating.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge