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Off Court Chemistry of Damian Lillard and Chris Kaman

Sometimes unexpected friendships develop between players. Damian Lillard and Chris Kaman are an example of off court chemistry.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Many would find a friendship between Portland's point guard Damian Lillard and big man Chris Kaman unlikely. The seeming odd couple of Kaman, who put out the self named and Lillard, who is more comfortable with his rap site have developed an off-court chemistry. Casey Holdahl at details the phenomenon.

I think we've got a really good friendship that goes beyond basketball," said Lillard. "Like, we'll be friends if and when he leaves the Trail Blazers. I think it's because, him coming in, I knew he was a good basketball player but I didn't know him as a person. And him coming in, I'm a young point guard, been on an All-Star team, so I can see that he wouldn't know what to expect out of me as a person. I think, when he came here, I liked the person that he was more so that just having to deal with a teammate. I like the person that he was, he was cool. And I think I'm different than what he probably expected, so I think that kind of just turned into us being friends. I talk to him all the time on the bus, all the time on the plane, all the time after practice, before practice, we text. It's constant communication, it was effortless. It just happened.

Kaman doesn't let differences stand in the way.

I guess I would say it doesn't matter where you come from," said Kaman. "We obviously have different interests all together, but that doesn't mean you can't be friends with somebody because of your interests. We don't have a common ground, we're not going to go hangout and watch a rap video. He understands my position, I understand his position and I don't make fun of him for it and he doesn't make fun of me for it. But more than anything, it revolves around basketball. He's a good person as well, is a good teammate and I think he does well with all the guys, not just myself, of treating everybody with respect.

An open mind and mutual respect are important keys to this friendship. Check out the full article here.