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Nicolas Batum Will Play In FIBA World Cup

Nicolas Batum will play for the French team in France this summer during the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

During the 2013-2014 NBA season Nicolas Batum played in all 82 regular season games plus 11 more games in the playoffs. He then went on to help his French team take a Bronze medal at the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

This season his statistics have slumped and he has been plagued by a lingering wrist injury. He has attributed his rough season to overextending himself last summer.

Now Joe Freeman at tells us that Batum will again play for French basketball team in France this August.

Even though Batum will play for Team France, he says, he will do a number of things differently, will find a variety of ways to rest and get away from basketball. When the Blazers season ends, he will take a few weeks off to relax and let his body heal and he will not play or practice with the French national team until August.

Batum has other summertime obligations, such as the NBA-sponsored Basketball Without Borders trip to South Africa.

Let's hope he can make good on his promise to manage his practice time and recovery.

Hat tip to Drexler4Ever for being there first in the FanPosts and an apology from me for not noticing.