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NBA Will Make Evaluations of Referee Calls Public

The NBA takes a step towards greater transparency in officiating, publishing it's evaluation of whistles in the last two minutes of games.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Mahoney from the AP reports that the NBA is going to publish their evaluations of officiating calls in the last 2 minutes of games, beginning Monday, March 2nd.

The assessments will be released by 5 p.m. the day after each game and will stand as the league's comment on whether the most disputed calls were correct. The reports will focus on the last two minutes of games that were within five points at the two-minute mark and all of any overtime periods.

Each play is reviewed by a senior basketball operations manager or senior referee manager. The reports will say how the play was graded - correct or incorrect - and will be accompanied by a comment and video link. The reports will be posted at and also on the league's media site.

''Our policy in the past was pretty much to wait until we had something that was controversial enough to really garner a lot of interest and we didn't think that that was a practical approach,'' NBA executive vice president of referee operations Mike Bantom said. ''And it also wasn't very fair because they always tended to be errors that were made, so we tried to come up with a system that would allow us to provide some insight into our process and set a criteria that would allow us to be more standardized and more consistent.''

Prior to this the NBA only released statements when a call was deemed incorrect. Adrian Wojnarowski of YahooSports cites the reaction of the National Basketball Referee's Assocation:

"We did not participate in the elaboration of this process and we cannot evaluate its effect until after it has been implemented," NBRA general counsel Lee Seham told Yahoo Sports in an email on Friday.

What say you? Good move or bad move? Is this something you'll be reading up on the day after games?