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Arron Afflalo Tells Blazers' Fans He's "Bringing the Larry O'Brien Trophy to Your City"

New Trail Blazers Guard writes "Dear Portland", a missive introducing himself to the city

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Arron Afflalo published a personal letter in The Players' Tribune today and I think it's safe to say that he's pretty excited about coming to Portland since he titles it Portland, Here I Come:

My bags are packed. I'm taking that two-hour flight from Denver to a city that is home to an amazing fan base and a true championship contender. I'm pretty excited; I'd bike out there if we didn't have a game on Friday night. It's an opportunity that I'm extremely appreciative of. I can't say how many minutes I'll play or shots I'll take per game, but I'm ready. I know I'm not going there as a starter, although I am a proven starter in the NBA, but if it's the depth that I can bring to take this team to the next level then dub me an "overqualified backup" - as some have already started doing. I'm ready for any role if it means bringing the Larry O'Brien trophy to your city.

He goes on to write about how he feels about being traded for the fourth time in his career and what is expected of a player when he's traded.  He's played on five playoff teams, but his impact wasn't all that great and he hopes it'll be different this time.  He's got a nice finish:

. . . I want to make this clear: I'm here to help this team reach its goal of winning a title. It's been 38 years since the Trail Blazers last won an NBA championship. It isn't just enough to be a contender - it's time for us to show the media, fans and most importantly, ourselves, why we're a championship-caliber team.

Hat tip to KVin2, who posted this in our Fanshots.