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Portland Trail Blazers Podcast: Free Throw Guy

In Episode 16 of the Blazer's Edge Podcast, Rob Ems -- aka "Free Throw Guy" -- joins host Chris Lucia to tell his story of becoming a Blazers superfan.

Mike Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Due to the extended nature of the recent All-Star break, I was able to squeeze in a bit of a fun guest onto the Blazer's Edge podcast. Rob Ems, aka "Free Throw Guy," stopped by to talk about how he got started as a Blazers superfan, what his routine is like and how much of an effect he has on opposing free throw shooters at the Moda Center.

The podcast was recorded after the All-Star game but before the trade deadline, so the Blazers talk is limited. Still, Rob is an interesting character in Blazer Land and he answered a lot of questions I've had for a while.

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Dave and Phil will be back hosting the Blazer's Edge Podcast next Tuesday. I'll have another episode out around the weekend.

-- Chris Lucia | | Twitter