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Deadline Buzz: Dragic, Jackson Plot Exits; Martin Getting a Buyout?

No Blazer news so far on the day before the deadline, but things are busy elsewhere.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

All's quiet on the Blazer front this afternoon, but here is some fresh news to discuss while the Blazer Universe waits for Neil Olshey to come out of hiding and see his shadow:

The Goran Dragic Saga

Goran Dragic has gone nuclear in Phoenix, demanding a trade and walking away from practice. He reportedly wants to go to LA, NY or Miami, but Houston wants a crack at him. He also is not happy that the team is negotiating with Boston:

Reggie Jackson Wants Out

Jackson wants a starting role and a huge raise, and has told Oklahoma City he wants to leave.

Kevin Martin Buyout?

Reports broke today that the Minnesota Timberwolves may consider buying out Kevin Martin, making him a free agent. This could be very advantageous to the Blazers if he was willing to sign. Not everyone is convinced of a buyout though.

The latest updates will be added here as they happen! Also, check the comments below for immediate breaking news.


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