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Help Blazer's Edge Send 1000 Underprivileged Kids to Blazers Game

An update on Blazer's Edge Night. One month remains. How many tickets are left to fill?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for a Blazer's Edge Night Update.

On March 30th our community is sponsoring over a thousand underprivileged children, enabling them to attend the Portland Trail Blazers game against the Phoenix Suns. These kids are growing up without much. Many put their heads down, walk to school, then reverse the process going home, all to avoid getting in trouble. A chance to walk into the Moda Center, see the big screen and the court, watch Damian Lillard and their hometown heroes play...this is a big departure. It's a night for them to feel good, to get to do what other kids do, to see the world is big and that goodness is real.

With a little sacrifice of time and money, you and I can probably walk into any Blazers game we wish. These folks don't have the same opportunity. For one night we're going to give it to them. It's our contribution, creating the next generation of Blazers fans and keeping the giving spirit of Blazer fandom alive.

I'm pleased to say that we've already hit the 400-ticket mark heading into the final month before ticket sales cut off. That's really good for only mentioning it occasionally. That also leaves 600+ tickets yet to be bought. That's where we need your help.

Blazer's Edge is a world class site. Our coverage and analysis is as good as anyone's out there. Our community--the heart and spirit of our readers--is unequaled. This is a special place. It's also free...not a dime charged to read or participate. No paywall, no "insider" section...we do this because we love giving to you and conversing with you. If you love and appreciate this community too, if you've ever thought of giving back with more than a comment, this is a great way to do it. Is everything you experience here worth a buck a month? That's the price of a ticket. If 600 of you thought so, we'd be sending those 1000 kids. The same thing happens if 150 of you or so think it's worth $50.

And believe me. it's worth it. For some teachers and organizations, Blazer's Edge Night has become a yearly ritual. An event that started small 8 years ago has now touched thousands of lives. Teachers speak of seeing their students in a new light, seeing them excited and motivated. Counselors and coaches get to reward their charges with an amazing event. At schools where 80-90% of the students are low-income and at-risk, we're sending entire classrooms. Nobody else does this on this scale. It's part of our DNA; it's who we are.

You can be a part of it too. Here's the information. It only takes a minute to change someone's life.


This year's Blazer's Edge Night Game will be March 30th against the Phoenix Suns.

Tickets can be purchased through this link: Promo Code: BLAZERSEDGE

You simply click on the gray bar that says, "Donate Tickets" and follow the prompts. NOTE: The delivery option will say "WILL CALL". That's fine.

Ticket Cost ranges from $13-16 each this year. Remember...even one ticket counts.

You can also mail order tickets using the pdf below, which contains all the info you need. Or, if all else fails, call Lisa Swan at the Blazers' office: 503-963-3966


If you work with underprivileged kids and would like to be considered for tickets, e-mail me at this address. We say yes to all kinds of requests, big and small, so don't be shy.

Thank you everyone for helping to make this dream a reality for so many kids.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge

BE Night 2015

BE Night 2015