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What Has Been the 'Story of the Year' So Far?

Vote on and discuss the storylines that have shaped the Blazers' season to date.

Elsa/Getty Images

The All-Star break is a time for players, coaches, executives, and fans alike to take a step back and reflect on the first half of the season.  And it's no different for blogs that cover all four sets of hoops heads!

The "Story of the Year", like many awards, has a somewhat malleable definition - it could mean different things to different people.

To some, it might be the story they consider to have the biggest hand in shaping the season; to others, it means the most surprising revelation; still others would see it as what grabbed the most headlines -- among other considerations.  Feel free to define the term as you see fit.

When considering stories in hindsight, it's always fun to recall what the mood was when the story first surfaced.  Sometimes things loom large for a time, but end up gently blending in with the landscape of the season.  Other stories creep up on you over time, and you only recognize their significance after their effects have been laid bare.  And since the most important chapters of the season have yet to be written, some extrapolation regarding the future impact of today's stories may be necessary.

So vote on the choices below, and explain your reasoning in the comments.  And go ahead and speculate wildly on the storylines that will develop in the coming months!  Have we seen "The Story of the (Entire) Year" yet?