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Blazers Trade Deadline Buzz: Tayshaun Prince, Arron Afflalo and Wilson Chandler

Could Tayshaun Prince be a Trail Blazer soon? Or might it be Wilson Chandler? Arron Afflalo?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports is suggesting the Trail Blazers are eyeing Tayshaun Prince of the Boston Celtics as a contract buyout candidate along with the Los Angeles Clippers.  Woj says Prince could become a coveted player this month and says why here:

Prince, 34, is still capable of delivering solid minutes off the bench for a contender. The balance of his $7.7 million expiring deal makes it hard for Boston to find short-term expiring contracts in return for Prince.

Woj also suggests the Blazers have made a proposal to Denver:

Portland has shown a stronger desire to make a deal with Denver for Wilson Chandler than Arron Afflalo, partly because Chandler is under contract next season. The Blazers have made Will Barton and Thomas Robinson, as well as a future first-rounder, available in talks for wing players, but clearly would be more motivated to sweeten a package for Chandler than Afflalo, league sources said.