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Damian Lillard Discusses Role, Goals, Eventual Legacy

Portland Trail Blazer Damian Lillard is covered in an article in Slam Magazine.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Slam Magazine's Abe Schwadron has a fine article that can be seen on about the Portland Trail Blazers favorite point guard Damian Lillard chronicling some of Damian's memorable moments as a Blazer and how he sees himself.

Even with the larger-than-life posters of him palming a basketball draped on half the edifices within a few square miles, it's still hard to believe Lillard, in just his third NBA season, can already talk about his legacy in the League like this:

"There are a lot of people that can say that they were a one-time All-Star or a two-time All-Star, and made the Playoffs, but didn't ever make it to the Finals or win the Finals. But it's hard to be a perennial All-Star, to be in the Playoffs every year, go deep in the Playoffs every year. I think that's what the challenge is, and that's how you separate yourself-to be able to be at that level for longer than everybody else can be at that level."

Personally I'm from on the other side of yesteryear and usually can't really give a perspective in today's cultural vernacular, so when I can look someone in the eye and say only, "The Shot with .09 on the clock" and get a nod and a smile I know we're speaking the same language.

Hat tip to Dan 'he's everywhere, he's everywhere' Graves in Fanshots.