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Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread

Today the NBA takes a break for the biggest sporting event of the year. Hang out and chat about today's Super Bowl, featuring that other team owned by Paul Allen.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Breaking: With a chance to win the Super Bowl, the Seahawks blew a call at the one-yard line, leading to a turnover and a Patriots victory.

The Blazers are back in action Tuesday, at home vs. the Utah Jazz.


Welcome to the Super Bowl Open Thread! Let's cover the basics first:

The Matchup

New England Patriots vs. NFL Champion Seattle Seahawks

When Does it Start?

Approximately 3:30pm (PST) this afternoon

How Can I Watch?

- Live on NBC

- Streaming online at NBC Live (Free for everyone in the US)

- Available via apps on Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. All WiFi users can stream, but due to a deal with the NFL, only Verizon can be used to stream over Cellular networks.

Who's The Favorite?

Nobody knows! Predictions are all over the place, and even Vegas Oddsmakers have the matchup very close to even.

Who Should I Root For?

Whomever you want, we're all cool with that here. Unless you grew up as a Niners fan (as some did in Portland in the '90s), most people in the Northwest are rooting for the Seahawks, thanks to local connections and sharing an owner with the Blazers.

What's The Entertainment?

Katy Perry's the Halftime Act this year, and has promised that "nothing will be deflated" in her act. Bruno Mars did a good job last year, so this will probably be throwaway fun, too.

The commercials are hard to predict, but at the bottom of this post, there are signs we may see a certain Blazer this year.

Why Are You Posting a Super Bowl Thread at Blazer's Edge?

I'm just doing this so I don't get fined.


Hang out here and chat about the game today, but also feel free to treat this as an open thread. Hang out and relax after a rough week of everything Blazers. Be cool to each other even if you're rooting for different teams, 'k?

And there are murmurs that we may see our old friend Damian today:

-- Tim