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Watch The Blazers Blow A Four-Point Lead In 22 Seconds

The Portland Trail Blazers looked in control in the final seconds against the Milwaukee Bucks. But they yet again found new ways to grasp defeat.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With 25 seconds left, the Portland Trail Blazers led the Milwaukee Bucks by 4 points. By the final buzzer, they'd lost by 2. How did it happen? There's a full recap available here, but let's recap the ending.

First, a little bad luck. Somehow OJ Mayo got hot from three, and found the net from downtown to pull the Bucks within 1. Then the bottom dropped out for the Blazers.

Step 1: Hey, let's ignore the back court and inbound to McCollum with two guys on him!

The Blazers had the whole court to work with, but struggled to find an open man. Despite the ability to pass into the back court and force a foul, Al-Farouq Aminu passed it to CJ McCollum near the sideline with two Bucks lurking:


Step 2: There's five seconds left, lets skip the pump-fake, shoot ASAP, then stand around!

After Milwaukee shut off the Blazers' first options with no timeouts left, Meyers Leonard got the ball. His floater was blocked by John Henson, then the team stood around for a second before remembering to foul. But at that point, it was too late:

The Blazers headed out of the arena with a shocking loss, and will get ready to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow night.