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The Portland Trail Blazers Need to Foul Smarter

In the latest edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast Tara and Jo talk about the Blazers fouling smarter, Mason Plumlee's potential, the Meyers Leonard Question, and much more.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Jo and Tara are back with a recap of the Blazers' holiday drubbing of LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers
They talk about what went right and suggest a couple of key areas for the Trail Blazer's to focus on in the new year--reducing and committing smarter fouls. They also debate whether or not thinking is good for Meyers Leonard, and if Mason Plumlee can become more dominant in the paint.

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During the Podcast Jo takes a quiz about fouls and fouling in the league. Do you know the answers (without Google)?

  • Which player committed the second most fouls in his career?
  • Who was the fastest person to foul out of a game?
  • What rules have been enacted (and retracted) by the NBA in an effort to improve competition at the end of the game?
  • What stats have been tracked since the first year of the NBA?

Tara referred to a few resources she recommends, so after you listen you might want to check out:

  • NBA Video Rule Book Video clips of every type of infraction and examples of legal plays to better understand the NBA rules.
  • NBAMiner NBA Statistics presented in easy-to-understand ways including (for this edition of the podcast) player foul details, team foul details, and team turnover details.
  • Sports History Today Daily tales of exceptional performances and outstanding (for better or worse) behavior throughout all the major sports. Find the story and video of Bubba Wells fouling Dennis Rodman over and over and over again.

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