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The Portland Trail Blazers Christmas Wish List

Blazer's Edge Readers celebrate Christmas by wishing good things for their favorite team.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Merry Christmas, Blazer's Edge Readers! It's been an interesting year for the Portland Trail Blazers and we're proud and privileged to be sharing it with you.

I hope that those of you who celebrate the holiday get everything you wish for. As is our annual tradition, we're going to ask you what Christmas wishes the Trail Blazers should make. Given the state of the roster, the answers this year should be pretty interesting!

You can wish anything you want for your favorite team. Santa's sack is pretty big. Eloquent or simple, realistic or far-fetched, tangible or abstract, let us know what (or who) you'd love to see under the Trail Blazers' tree.

Also please don't forget that hundreds of tickets at a time are being requested for Blazer's Edge Night, the event where we send 2000 underprivileged kids to see the Blazers play the Sacramento Kings on March 28th. Those kids will get to go as long as we donate enough tickets to them. It's easy! You can donate through this link:


Ticket Costs range from $7-13 (There is a $5 processing fee per order.)

You can also call our ticket rep, Lisa Swan, directly at 503-963-3966. You will need to indicate to her that you are donating the tickets you order to Blazer's Edge Night.

Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge