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Chris Paul To Assist Portland Elementary School

Tis the season. When the Clippers come to town in early January, Chris Paul will stop by Alder Elementary to make a donation.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clippers All-Star Chris Paul will visit Alder Elementary School on January 5 to donate state of the art equipment for their computer lab as part of the "Exist to Assist" community program. Information per the media release:

State Farm, Jordan Brand WINGS, and Chris Paul Family Foundation have joined forces to launch the "Exist to Assist" community program, a new effort designed to deliver community assists across the country. Exist to Assist aims to demonstrate the power of a good neighbor, and to inspire others to do good in their communities, by getting hands on with custom-built service projects for each community it engages. The program launched in October 2015, providing an assist to the Los Angeles-based Brotherhood Crusade community center.

Now, Exist to Assist is coming to Portland. The program will team up with "I Have A Dream" Oregon (IHD), an organization that empowers students from low-income communities to achieve their educational and career goals by providing whatever it takes for their success, including academic/social support, long-term mentors and college and career preparation. The Portland Assist will sponsor one of IHD’s Dreamer Schools, Alder Elementary School, by supplying brand new, state of the art equipment for their computer lab.

About the Exist to Assist Community Program:
For years, State Farm and Chris Paul have demonstrated the value of an assist through the wildly popular "Born to Assist" campaign, which explores the parallels between receiving an assist on and off the court, whether from a star athlete or your local State Farm agent. Now, they’re taking the assist out into the real world, enlisting the help of Chris Paul Family Foundation to launch the Exist to Assist Community Program.

Throughout the next year, Exist to Assist will make its way to a number of US cities. In each city, Chris Paul Family Foundation will team with State Farm to identify vital local causes in need of a specific assist—whether that means refurbishing a school, building a new basketball court, or donating supplies to a local youth program. Along the way, Jordan Brand will design and produce custom-made, limited edition merchandise—such as participant and volunteer shirts—each inspired by the colors and aesthetics of the local community.


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